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Welcome to my Website.  This is my 1st attempt at one of these so we are going to keep it simple.


   I started buying sheep and goats 4 years ago . What prompted this was the up and down prices at the auctions . At that time I also called a couple of people that were supposed to be buying, and they would offer 15 to 20 cents per lb. less than the market . I decided that if people were going to stay in the business they needed to get a fair price on their animals . I also wanted to do it in a way that they would have a pretty good idea what they were going to get before they brought the animals to me .

   I started buying at Monmouth,IL and was soon getting from 150 to 400 hd per month . After a couple of years the people I was getting sheep and goats from in Griggsville,IL and Quincy,IL  wanted me to open a station down there . Have been buying at Griggsville,IL for a 4 years now and we have new people showing up every month.

  We buy the 1st Saturday of each month at the Salebarn 2 miles North of Monmouth on Rte 67.

  We buy the last Saturday of each month at the Lynch Livestock hog buying station on the North edge of Griggsville.

  Prices on kids and lambs are real good right now . We also have people looking for bred ewes  so give us a call .

 We have 4 Kelpie pups that are 9 weeks old right now. Both parents are nice working dogs. I use their dad when I buy , and at home every day.

  For prices contact Jeff Haase  @ 800-734-7148, email or call Chuck Stephenson @ 217-430-4241.

We buy feeder lambs, cull ewes,billies , nannies , fat lambs, light fat lambs and kids. In the summer and fall we buy and put together  pot loads of fat lambs to go to the packer. Am also buying and selling cattle on order , lots of interest right now.


  Thanks for reading .




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